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Our Reactive Dyes

Our Reactive dyes are a class of highly coloured organic substances, primarily used for tinting textiles, that attach themselves to their substrates by a chemical reaction that forms a covalent bond between the molecule of dye and that of the fibre. The dyestuff thus becomes a part of the fibre and is much less likely to be removed by washing than are dyestuffs that adhere by adsorption.

We are among the leading Rapid Fast Dye Manufacturers in Ahmedabad and Exporter of a wide range of Rapid Fast Dyes that are of exceptional quality. Reactive dyes offered by us is fabricated using latest technology to make it skin-friendly and dependable in order to match the industry quality standards.

The first fibre reactive dyes were designed for cellulose fibres, and they are still used mostly in this way. There are also commercially available fibre reactive dyes for protein and polyamide fibres. In theory, fibre reactive dyes have been developed for other fibres, but these are not yet practical commercially. The dyes contain a reactive group that, when applied to a fibre in a weakly alkaline dyebath, form a chemical bond with the fibre.

Reactive Cold Dyes
Color Product Name C.I.No.
Reactive Red M5B Reactive Red - 2
Reactive Red M8B Reactive Red - 11
Reactive Magenta MB Reactive Violet - 13
Reactive Orange M2R Reactive Orange - 4
Reactive Orange M2RJ -
Reactive Gol. Yellow MR Reactive Yellow - 44
Reactive Yellow MR EX H/C Reactive Yellow - 44
Reactive Yellow M3R Reactive Yellow - 36
Reactive Yellow M4R Reactive Orange - 14
Reactive Yellow M8G Reactive Yellow - 86
Reactive Yellow M4G Reactive Yellow - 22
Reactive Yellow MGR Reactive Yellow - 7
Reactive Violet C4R Reactive Violet - 12
Reactive Violet C2R Reactive Violet - 14
Reactive Blue MR Reactive Blue - 4
Reactive Blue M2R Reactive Blue - 81
Reactive Blue M2R H/C Reactive Blue - 81
Reactive Navy Blue M3R Reactive Blue - 9
Reactive Blue M4GD H/C Reactive Blue - 168
Reactive Tur. Blue MGN Reactive Blue - 140
Reactive Tur. Blue Ha5G Reactive Blue - 71
Reactive 'HE' Dyes
Color Product Name C.I.No.
Reactive Yellow HE6G Reactive Yellow - 135
Reactive Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow - 81
Reactive Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow - 84
Reactive G. Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow - 81-A
Reactive Orange HER Reactive Orange HER
Reactive Orange HE2R Reactive Orange - 84-A
Reactive Red HE3B Reactive Red - 120
Reactive Red HE5B -
Reactive Red HE7B Reactive Red - 141
Reactive Red HE8B Reactive Red HE8B
Reactive Green HE 4B Reactive Green - 19
Reactive Green HE 4BD Reactive Green - 19A
Reactive Black HEBL -
Reactive Navy Blue HER Reactive Blue - 171
Reactive Navy Blue HE2R Reactive Blue - 172
Reactive Blue HERD Reactive Blue - 160
Reactive Navy Blue HEGN Reactive Blue - 198
Reactive ME Dye
Color Product Name C.I.No.
Reactive Red ME4BL Reactive Red - 195
Reactive Red ME6BL Reactive Red - 196/250
Reactive Red ME3BL Reactive Red - 180
Reactive Orange ME2RL Reactive Orange - 122
Reactive G. Yellow MERL Reactive Yellow - 145
Reactive Yellow ME3RL -
Reactive Yellow ME4GL Reactive Yellow-160/186
Reactive Green ME4GL -
Reactive Blue ME2RL Reactive Blue - 158
Reactive Navy Blue ME2GL Reactive Blue 194
Reactive Jet Black HFGR -
Reactive Black HFGR -
Reactive Copper Blue BF Reactive Blue - 221
Reactive Blue BF Reactive Blue - 222
Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Base Dye
Color Product Name C.I.No.
Reactive Red 4B Reactive Red - 24
Reactive Red 5B Reactive Red - 35
Reactive Red C2G Reactive Red - 106
Reactive Red RB Reactive Red - 198
Reactive Orange 3R Reactive Orange - 16
Reactive Orange 2R Reactive Orange - 7
Reactive G. Yellow R Reactive Yellow - 20
Reactive Yellow FG Reactive Yellow 42
Reactive Yellow GR Reactive Yellow -15
Reactive Yellow RTN Reactive Yellow - 24
Reactive G. Yellow RNL Reactive G. Yellow - 107
Reactive Yellow R Reactive Yellow - 77
Reactive Yellow GL Reactive Yellow - 37
Reactive Black B Reactive Black -5
Reactive Black RL Reactive Black - 31
Reactive Violet 5R Reactive Violet - 5
Reactive Tur. Blue G Reactive Blue-21
Reactive Tur. Blue H2GP -
Reactive Blue 3R Reactive Blue - 28
Reactive Blue R Reactive Blue - 19
Reactive Blue RGB Reactive Blue - 250
Reactive Blue BB Reactive Blue - 220
Reactive Dark Blue HR Reactive Blue - 89
Reactive Navy Blue GG Reactive Blue - 203
Reactive Navy Blue GG -
Reactive Brown GR Reactive Brown - 18
Reactive Black WNN -

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